Selected Media

CNN, A look inside Mississippi's only critical race theory class and an unlikely ally (February 11, 2022) (interview)


Mississippi Today, Inside Mississippi’s only class on critical race theory, (February 2, 2022) (I was not interviewed for this article, but it is about my course)


Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Morning Edition, Abortion (December 3, 2021) (interview)


Mississippi Public Broadcasting, In Legal Terms, Abortion Ban Case (June 22, 2021) (interview)


Baskin, Morgan, Proposed Legislation Would Decriminalize Selling and Buying Sex in D.C. (Nov. 30, 2017) (interview)


Kurzius, Rachel, New Bill Would Decriminalize Sex Work in DC (Oct. 5, 2017) (interview)


Chen, Michelle, DC May Soon Be the First US City to Decriminalize Sex Work (Oct. 31, 2017)  (interview)